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International Materials Handling, Supply Chain Management, Intralogistics Fair


Today, increasing needs of the industrial society lead to a huge demand for solutions in areas of transport, handling and storage. Exhibitors from around the world present innovative logistics systems, cranes and forklift trucks, packaging technologies, shelving systems, logistics IT and electronic in intralogistics, at CeMAT EURASIA.



Move & Lift

  • Accessories for industrial trucks, forklifts
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Cranes, accessories for cranes, hoists
  • Industrial trucks, forklifts
  • Lifts, escalators, moving walkways, cableways, accessories for lifts
  • Mechanical handling equipment, accessories, monorails
  • Port transshipment logistics
  • Remotely operated transportation systems, shelf storage & retrieval equipment
  • Vertical lifting equipment, lifting platforms


Store & Load

  • Accessories for all mechanical handling systems
  • Accessories for warehousing, miscellaneous
  • Cleaning of warehouse, warehouse facilities
  • Complete conveyor systems
  • Complete robots and handling systems
  • Complete supply chain management
  • Factory equipment, workshop equipment
  • Freight securing
  • Hall construction, tent systems
  • Industrial doors & gates
  • Loading bridges
  • Loading ramps, transfer bridges
  • Loading systems, bulk goods, containers, unit loads
  • Pallets, bins and containers
  • Production logistics
  • Turnkey systems for logistics
  • Warehousing systems, storage shelf systems / technology


Manage & Service

  • Associations
  • Consulting, planning, financing, project management
  • Integrated traffic systems
  • Logistics management
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Multi-level parking lots, parking equipment
  • Ports and port operators
  • Publishers
  • Real estate & sites for logistics operations
  • Services for logistics & intralogistics
  • Shipping companies, sea freight service
  • Traffic control technology / systems
  • Transportation logistics, services


Pick & Pack

  • Labeling systems and identification
  • Packaging and order picking systems
  • Packaging materials
  • Packaging technology for warehouses and operations
  • Scales and metering devices


Logistics IT

  • Application software for intralogistics
  • Application software for transportation logistics
  • Computer systems and controls for intralogistics
  • Identification technology, Auto-ID systems, intralogistics sensors



Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcılık - Atv Avrupa İş Dünyası / 10.11.2018




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