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Digital Factory - IIoT Special Area

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Alp Mühendislik
Alp Engineering is going to present solutions with collaborative robots that will provide business cooperation between man & machine in production and assembly lines. Sawyer, the most advanced robot of Rethink Robotics, whose Turkey distributor is Alp Mühendislik, will show the best example of human & machine collaboration with sample applications.

Antcom will show active product demos such as Smart Portable Generators (for GSM Operators), Smart Shutter Systems, Smart Water Tank Systems (for municipalities), Smart Energy Monitoring Systems and Smart Fire Pump Systems.

Concept A.Ş.
DSF (Digital Shopfloor): The performance module shows up- and down-times of the machines together with the relevant reasons and pareto analysis in real time. With the quality module you can streamline your quality control process and visualize the reasons for scrap.

Visitors will witness how it is possible to design optimum factory layouts and simulate production lines in Virtual Reality and see how Artifical Intelligence enables factories to plan their production and create optimum production schedules.

Emikon Otomasyon
Since its establishment in 1997, Emikon is distributing the leading brands in Industrial Communication, such as; ‘ANYBUS, IXXAT, PROCENTEC, HELMHOLZ,  etc.’. With its wide range of product portfolio, Emikon is a solution center in both IoT and Industrial Communication. Moreover,  Emikon is the first Profibus Competence Center in Turkey since 2016.

FourDotOne will present XXX applications live by realizing the platform connections of sensors that are connected to an electrical motor within the IoT platform.

Hidropar İstanbul
Smart Pneumatics present increased plant availability - reduced downtime. Warns when limits are exceeded and integration of automated maintenance functions worldwide availability of data.

IFS will share many solutions spoken within Industry 4.0 such as Internet of Things, Mobile applications, Cloud Systems. In addition, there is no other example in the ERP Systems, which can be used as a plug-in Business Intelligence solutions. IFS Lobby will also share the screen details and user examples.

SEE Electrical
This CAD software developed by IGE+XAO Group (France) especially presents rapid solutions to the users on drawing of electrical and automation projects. All functions and commands in SEE Electrical specifically designed for Electrical Engineering and its intuitive user interface assures being productive after a short training period. Ease of use, Turkish user interface, large component database, data exchange easiness with other CAD and Office softwares, rapid 2D and 3D panel design possibilities, integration with simulation software of Prosyst, one-click ready to use documentation functions , output possibility to different brands of Label printers and additionally lots of specifications provides users excellent comfortability.

infoTRON will present the future Industry 4.0 ready in 3D with design and reverse engineering software, 3D printing technologies, 3D scanning devices, virtual & augmented reality systems, simulator software and hardware.

Konzek Teknoloji
Via Industry 4.0 compliant in Production Execution (MES), Production Efficiency (OEE), Environmental Monitoring, Energy Management and Process Control areas, RETMES Solutions position machine learning in production. Konzek offers an integrated MES solution with ERP Systems, which works in concert with the leading PLC and HMI brands of the world.

Marca Makine
Providing logistics for safe transportation of heavy material with high manoeuvrability, comfortable communication, integrated with manufacturing lines; the 2-ton capacity automated guided vehicle (AGV) is 90% Turkish by its manufacturing & design.

Focusing on (but not limited to) industrial machine vision, intelligent medical solutions (health 4.0), smart metering IIoT devices and robotic applications, the company also develops VR/AR technologies, gaming platforms  and defence/military/security solutions at the same time.

Okyanus Teknoloji
Personnel tracking, equipment tracking, vehicle tracking, construction machine tracking, forklift tracking, environment monitoring, manufacture monitoring, wireless measurement, occupational safety systems, Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), Active RFID and Internet of Things (IOT) products those are suitable for harsh industrial work environments will be presented.

“PROWMES”, and how it can contribute to productivity of manufacturing enterprises will be exhibited including how PROWMES is communicating with machines, how it is controlling machines remotely and also how it is going to be affecting decision mechanisms with various proactive warnings and precautions. Also to be demonstrated is how PROWMES can potentially contribute to the production of manufacturing enterprises through its future big data analysis and artificial intelligence capabilities.

A live example of the PROMANAGE Intelligent Production Management Platform, which includes the issues of IOT, BIGDATA, Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, and System Integration, will be demonstrated along with running prototype manufacturing machines. Visitors will have the opportunity to examine all elements of a Smart Manufacturing Management System.

Qualist will demonstrate its Industrial IOT platform and Augmented Reality solutions that integrate with it. “QualistGo", a mobile application, manages all data traffic through the platform. The application offers users the experience of real-time information associated with any object; thanks to visual recognition ability and by using mobile devices.

Reengen will demonstrate the Energy IoT Platform; a cloud-based energy business intelligence solution for residential, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and renewable power plants to provide energy savings, operational efficiency, billing management and predictive maintenance. Reengen will demonstrate the Reengen IoT Gateway; which can be used as a data logger, optimize the data transfer to the communication and capable of analysing data and real-time analysing. Reengen IoT Gateway can perform data analysis and automatic control with analogue and digital input-output modules.

SIVART Industrial Automation makes special machine production and Robot applications to an upper dimension. Their new business colum ‘Augmented Reality’ will be introduced at WIN EURASIA, you can visit their stand to see SIVART Industial Automation’s latest AR projects.

Bringing together Information Technologies & Operational Technologies, presents solutions of every digital workflow from hardware design/manufacturing to MES, ERP, Data Warehouse and Reporting.

SLM Solutions
With 2x 700 W lasers the SLM®280 2.0 creates high-quality metal build parts based on 3D CAD data. Measuring 280 x 280 x 365 mm³, the machine has one of the largest build envelopes in its class and offers patented multi-beam technology. The SLM®280 2.0 is designed as an “all-purpose system” for use in both R+D divisions and in production processes for highly complex build parts….

TREX DCAS will build "Lego Model Factory" in WIN Eurasia 2018 and this model plant will be monitored with TREX MES productivity solution. Also TREX will apply the IoT solution to the model plant and will present it online from dcaslive.trex.com.tr

Trinoks will present its Production Operations management software; Axion MOM, and Tekspeech solution for performing operations with voice recognition technology. In the scope of IoT, it will present the SAP certified product Peakboard of German company Theobald.

Trio Mobil
Trio Mobil will present “Digital Facility Management Solutions” for Industry 4.0 transformation; with its energy consumption management, environment, personnel and machine performance evaluation solutions.