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Industry 4.0 Festival Area

Strategic Partner

Advantech's solution ready platforms for Industry 4.0 will be demonstrated as being used in electronic card production. Alitek Teknoloji will prepare a simulation of equipment connectivity and process visualizations which Advantech uses in their own factory. Advantech solution partner Lima Endustriyel Bilgisayar will share a machine vision solution for quality control using Advantech platforms complemented with Basler industrial cameras and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL).


BOSCH REXROTH will introduce their visitors the benefits and innovations of Industry 4.0 with Digitalization in Drive and Control Technologies at their Industry 4.0 Festival Area booth.



The Machines provided by Durmazlar will be displayed with appropriate solutions for Industry 4.0 platform

  • Cloud Communication
  • 3D Offline Simulation
  • M2M Concept
  • ERP Communication
  • High productivity



EOS is the world's leading technology supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. The EOS systems, materials and process parameters enable customers to reliably produce high-quality components, helping customers prepare for the future of manufacturing.


Eravis Machine Vision will exhibit industrial image processing applications for smart factories such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), surface inspection, dimensional measurement, presence/absence detection and thermal imaging solutions at the Industry 4.0 exhibition area.


HİDTEK’s products such as WINMAN Servo Controlled Linear Actuator, WINMAN Servo Controlled Linear Module, WINMAN Stopper Cylinders and WINMAN Grippers have been designed according to Industry 4.0. The fast, efficient, flexible and precision processes could be developed by using their products.


Smart Pneumatics present increased plant availability - reduced downtime. Warns when limits are exceeded and integration of automated maintenance functions worldwide availability of data.


HUGO BOSS Solutions is the consultancy company established within HUGO BOSS Textile Industries in Izmir, which is named as one of the unique smart factories of the future in the apparel industry. In the festival area, HUGO BOSS Solutions will present its solutions especially for Digital Data Collection Sytems and Digital Shop-Floor Management Systems. HUGO BOSS Solutions provides both consultancy and trainings in the areas such as, production systems engineering, digital transformation, digital data collection, digital shop-floor management, lean production, re-organization, quality and assurance systems, field director development and leadership development.


All electronic flow control solutions needed for Industry 4.0 is at one source, HYDAC INTERNATIONAL.


Oppent will demonstrate their AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles and their developed technology for the industry in the demo field of Industry 4.0 with different application examples.


Optimak STU's visitors will be controlling the robot which can be controlled via the Android app that includes RFID, QR Code & Beacon technologies parallel with their products. After the presentation is complete, status report will be presented to the users.


Prima Power has built a unique Industry 4.0 solution offering in three key areas: Smart Machines & Factories, Smart Software and Smart Remote Care. Prima Power is driving the next industrial revolution as a provider of Industry 4.0 sheet metal manufacturing solutions enabling smart industrial production. With the cutting edge technology and expertise they incorporate Industry 4.0 insights into their products to solve latest manufacturing challenges and meet customer needs.


SMC’s new 3 axis – 4 axis controllers and Electrical actuators with step – servo motors, Valve islands with wireless Serial Units, sensors, I/O Link Solutions. Also with their experts visitors may discuss many other innovative industrial automation solutions.