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Industry 4.0 Forum Area

The perfect stage is yours – Take your panel & session

Industry 4.0 Forum Area

Meet keynote speakers & decision-makers at Industry 4.0 Festival Area

Network with peers and get individualized education in everything from big data, cobots and digital twins to cybersecurity and IT solutions at one of our numerous conferences and forums. The top decision makes & keynote speakers will give you insider insights and best practices that will transform the way you utilize smart manufacturing. (with simultaneous translation)

Buyers from plant and mechanical engineering, the automobile and aerospace industries, construction, metalworking, plastics, processing, electrical engineering and electronics seek the key to Industry 4.0 here.

Their first port of call is WIN EURASIA 2020 Industry 4.0 Forum Area. This is the forum area for all the software solutions needed along the entire industrial value chain: AI and machine learning, 5G, simulation and digital twin, Blockchain and industrial IT, VR, Cobot, Big Data, Additive Manufacturing, IT security, cloud services and trend topics … if these are your topics, be there too!