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WIN-Tech Special R&D Area

One of our special areas planned under the roof of IAMD EURASIA will be WIN-Tech Special R&D Area.

In this special area, İTÜ ARI Technopark, Information Commercialization Center – an initiative of İTO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce), Yıldız Technopark, Atılım University, Gebze Technopark and Istanbul Aydın University will showcase their innovative R&D projects to visitors and investors.

Located at Hall 4 on a 192 m² area, technoparks and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to seize new business oppurtunites by meeting professional visitors and investors.


WIN – Tech Special R&D Area Exhibitors

Some of WIN EURASIA 2019 Exhibitors


Mutlusan Electric


Star TV - Haber Yansıması




National System Co.