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Can Alpin ALBAYRAK / ALBA – Project Manager

We have been taking part in WIN EURASIA for many years now. Every year we leave the fair happier than the previous one. Demand is going up. Our company was founded in 1969. We have been producing automatic storage systems since 2004. We are the first and only company in Turkey manufacturing these machines. We produce machines that provide maximum storage capacity using minimum space. This is new technology for Turkey.  And therefore, this is the biggest trade fair in Turkey where we can showcase our machines. We are very pleased that participation, demand and the quality of both users and visitors increase every year. We hope things go even better in coming fairs.

At the same time, two phases of the fair were combined and organized as a single fair. This has had a positive effect on the fair. This is because the visitors attending the metalworking fair might need our machines, meaning the machines on display at CeMAT EURASIA. Once they are here, we can interact. This is a huge advantage for us.

Üstün YÜKSEL / Taksan Makine – Export Sales Specialist

This is the first time the DNR Taksan Group is taking part in this trade fair. We are very happy. It is proving fruitful, we can have direct access to domestic producers and consumers. Right now there are industrialists from all over Turkey coming here. Secondly, we also can have direct access to all the consumers in the international field.

Nevzat ATAKLI / Trio Mobil – General Manager

Trio Mobil is a company that develops domestic hardware and software for tracking systems and IoT solutions. We have been in the sector since 2011. We manage nearly 100,000 tracking devices for more than 10,000 corporate customers.

We have taken part in almost 20 trade fairs until now. We have taken part in trade fairs in Turkey and abroad, in Europe and the Middle East. So far there has never been a trade fair where we have worked so closely with the organizing company as much as WIN EURASIA 2018. From the overall set up to the meeting and greeting activities, this has really been a very high level exhibition for us. In addition to that, there has been a very good attendance at the panels. As panelists it has been very worthwhile for us to have the opportunity to get together with the rest of the sector and to explain to the sector what is going on in terms of Industry 4.0 and IoT. As far as we are concerned this has been a fair where we were able to do good networking and met a lot of other companies.

Kemal İLERİ / Durmazlar – Sales and Marketing Director

We have tried to attend all the WIN fairs since they were first established. The merging of two fairs at this year's WIN fair has proven to be very effective in terms of visitors to our stand. We had chance to explain our work to visitors who are involved in the Industry 4.0. As you know, this year two separate fairs were combined into one. Thanks to these two fairs, we were able to inform all our users about everything which is related to the Industry 4.0 concept from cloud communications to new software. Thanks to this we believe that we are going to adopt a more successful sales organization in the future.

Kaya GÜNEŞ / Bosch Rexroth – Sales Coordination, Distribution and Marketing Manager

Due to the merging of different fairs under one roof, we can feel very positive developments with regards to participant interest and attendance this year. We as Bosch Rexroth are extremely pleased.

Specifically, there has been a lot of interest in Industry 4.0 in Turkey. A lot of conferences and meetings about this topic can be organized outside of trade fairs but we consider it very positive that an Industry 4.0 Festival Area was organized under the WIN fair roof. Bosch Rexroth got the opportunity to present all our Industry 4.0 related solutions to all users in the space allocated to us at the fair. We are very happy indeed. 

Gökhan YÜCEL / Phoenix Contact – General Manager

We have been serving the Turkish industry in Turkey for many years. Phoenix Contact has been taking part in WIN fairs since long ago. We have been meeting our customers on this spot for many years now. And during all those years we have witnessed the steady increase of the number of visitors. The merging of this fair with the machine fair has created synergy and resulted in an increase in the number of customers. When I spoke with my colleagues they told me that they had observed an increase in the quality of visitors as well. Trade fairs allow us to meet and greet important customers. The WIN fair in particular is one of the biggest fairs in our sector, in our industry. Therefore, it is important this fair should improve further and be accessible to more visitors.

Industry 4.0 has been one of the most popular topics in our sector for the past three to four years. WIN fair gave it enough importance this year. Seminars on it were conducted and workshops were held. We too contributed to this and our colleagues made some presentations here.

K. Serdar BOZKURT / Multitek – Sales Director

This year is the first time we have come to the fair as an exhibitor. We can tell this has been a very successful and high-level fair for us.

We think about participating in the WIN fairs on a regular basis in the coming years. From what we can, tell, we believe that this is going to be of great benefit to us, to our company.

İbrahim H. EYÜPOĞLU / Cloos Kaynak – General Manager

Cloos is a company that has focused only on welding. We have been an expert in this field and have been developing new innovations relating to the market. Main components such as robotic systems, welding systems, positioners, fixtures, torques and drivers are manufactured at our factory in Germany. We provide support to stakeholders and partners in terms of pre-sales project design and after-sales services.

Cloos Kaynak has been participating in the WIN fair without any interruption since 2007. It has taken on a completely new set up this year. In particular, the merging of two phases has generated incredible excitement. For participants and visitors alike. As a participant I am so pleased with this. We see more participants from Europe. Clearly WIN’s overseas group made a special effort because there is a huge difference compared to previous years.

Turan AŞLI / Sinerji Grup – Regional Sales Manager

We have been participating in the WIN fair for about 10-11 years now. Fair was very productive and positive. We had a lot of customers and visitors. In addition to that a lot of customers from abroad came and asked questions about the machines and shared their investments with us. At our stand we are showcasing the machines you would find on SMD assembly lines, placer machines, solder ovens, automatic solder paste machines and optical inspection machines.

We had many supplier visits from Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, America, South Korea and Japan in this fair. Many of our customers have chance to come here and see our machines. Trade fairs are very fruitful for us and for investor companies.

Hasan KÖMÜRCÜ / İstanbul Teknokent Entertech – Startup Coordinator

btm is a subsidiary of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. It is totally based on voluntarism. Participation in the fair is very important for us. We are a start-up organization and we are participating in this fair with btm’s support. We have been given the chance to speak to all of you here, meet with the other participants and present our projects has been very important. The chance to be able to make presentations to people who are interested in our projects has been a big step for us.

We have been presenting our projects to investors. Even our minister visited us. This helps us to promote our brand name. The potential is very high.

Tayfun ÖZBAKIR / Hattat Otomotiv – Marketing Executive

We carry out sales and marketing in 5 different business lines: automobile, heavy commercial vehicles, mobile hydraulics, industrial products, and tractors and agricultural parts. We are here at the WIN for our mobile hydraulic and industrial solutions. Here we are showcasing the products that we and our sister company manufactures: pumps, valves, torque engines etc., and we get to meet our customers and our retailers.

With the merging of two big fairs, there have been so many visitors. Significantly large number of customers and visitors from North Africa and the Middle East have attended. Apart from that, we also got to meet up with other sectors. We got the chance to meet and greet them. We exchanged solution suggestions and established two-way communications, and in that respect, it has been very good, and very beneficial for us.

Ravi RAGHAVAN / Bharat Fritz Werner – Managing Director 

We have been coming to this exhibition for quite some time, for many years. Before, we were not participating; but we met a lot of people, saw a lot of curiosity. And the quality of the people coming to this exhibition was very good. So, this year we thought of participating as an exhibitor and we are very happy with what we see in the first two days. The organization has been excellent. The management of the exhibition has been very good.

People coming to the exhibition not in quantity but in quality has been the most motivating thing. We see serious inquiries, we see people seriously discussing in the exhibition. What is also very nice to see in the exhibition is a complete area of all the solutions that are used in the engineering company and very nicely segmented.

Rajesh AGTE / Bharat Fritz Werner – Vice President

We are basically an Indo-German company with the rules from Germany and we are currently based in India. We make all kinds of high-end manufacturing solutions for the automobile industries. We have supplied one of the very high-level complex solutions for the rare axle housing. And, now with that is our first machine in Turkey.

We are very happy to be here as a part of the exhibition. Directly participating for the first time and we are looking forward to a very good interaction with businesses in Turkey. And whatever visits we have had, and whatever interactions we are having yesterday and today; they are very positive. We are quite delighted to be here. Surely, we will be back.

Dr. Markus WINZENICK / ZVEI – Managing Director

ZVEI is the German manufacturing association for electronic and electro-technical equipment in Germany. And this year I am the official representative here of the German Pavilion. And this year we have here 12 different companies from Germany with products like switch gears or sensors or optical equipment. I heard that they have a real success here in the tradeshow. It’s a very good show this year. Because the merging of the 6 different trade fairs is a big success. So, we have a lot of more people here in the halls and of course, it’s a very important thing that different topics are emerging together.

For example, the topic Industry 4.0 is a very important topic also here in Turkey. And it’s important not only for sensors or the automation technology but it’s also important for the machinery sectors, welding equipment and so on. So, we have here the possibility to discuss these important topics with different manufacturers and different people which are coming together.

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