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Online Visitor Registration

Explicit Consent Text

I read, analyzed and evaluated the Privacy Policy available at the web site of Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcılık A.Ş. (www.hmist.com.tr) or at the fairground and I intentionally and comprehendingly accepted all the matters indicated in Privacy Policy.

I accept, declare and undertake with my free will that I consent my personal data defined by the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law to be processed for the purposes and reasons indicated under the Privacy Policy as well as in the scope of Turkish Personal Data Protection Law and to be transferred to the persons and institutions indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Electronic Commercial Message Explicit Consent

I give consent to your company Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcılık A.Ş. to send commercial electronical messages and other messages to my contact addresses that I gave at the web sites (internet or mobile versions) of WIN Eurasia, ICCI, Automechanika Istanbul, ISK-SODEX Istanbul, Pool Expo, Sodex Ankara, Teskon Sodex, Domotex Turkey, HPKON, Aluexpo and Ankiros or at the fairground or at mobile applications or the contact addresses (mobile phone number, e-mail address and others) that I will give via various methods in order to inform me regarding all kinds of membership procedures, marketing activities and contractual-legal matters as well as advertise various product-services and general/special opportunities by means of processing my personal data by Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcılık A.Ş..

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