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Industry 4.0 Festival Area

Industry 4.0 Festival Area at Hall 2

Discover the smart production technologies of the future in Industry 4.0 Festival Area at Hall 2

5G technologies, virtual product development, product life cycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), production control, data analysis, digital supply chain and value-added production are the main themes of the Industry 4.0 Festival Area. Moreover, cloud technology and industrial security, artificial intelligence, machine learning and communication (M2M), digital twin, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), VR / AR and Big Data Management, Additive Manufacturing and Digital Process Automation technologies contribute to the Industry 4.0 Festival Area.

Visitors will reach all the target audience under one roof. WIN EURASIA attracts more than 77.000 trade visitors. In short, the Industry 4.0 Festival Area is a special platform visited by top CIO/CTO decision-makers. At the Industry 4.0 Festival Area, industry decision-makers can find the software and IT solutions they need for the digital process. This special area embraces the entire value chain and supply chain. The Industry 4.0 Festival Area meets the entire value chain and digital supply chain management needs.

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