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Official Airline Sponsor

Official Airline Sponsor

In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website https://www4.thy.com/TKC/app/main?language=en and use the event code 004TKM21 under delegate section.
Please follow the steps below for booking and ticketing.

  1. Go to www4.thy.com/TKC and click the “Delegate” button.
  2. Proceed by entering the event code as “004TKM21” in the opened page.
  3. Click “Next” button after filling your flight information.
  4. Choose the suitable flight option and continue.
  5. Proceed to finish after you see the standard price and discounted price.

Important notice:

  1. Discounts are only applicable to the international ticketing arriving in Istanbul.
  2. To benefit from the discount, the travel date must be between 01/11/2021-20/11/2021.​