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Visitor Invitations


The Biggest Industrial Event of the Region: Eurasia’s leading international industrial annual event WIN EURASIA 2022 attracted 35.728 visitors from 92 countries.

High Satisfaction Rate of Exhibitors: 90% of exhibitors are satisfied with their participation at WIN EURASIA and 88% of the exhibitors stated that they met the right visitor profile during the fair.

Silk Road of Technology Age: Unique business environment in one of the fastest developing regions in the world which brings 360-degree manufacturing industries of east and west together at the crossroads of 3 continents.

Discover the Turkish Market: Turkey is decisively a significant emerging economy that has attracted international interest in all sectors for the last decade.

Experiencing the Future: Must-see conferences, seminars, company and product presentations, panels and future-shaping special thematic events under Industrial Activities Summit and Industry 4.0 Festival Area.

Meet key visitors from all over the world at WIN EURASIA, the leading industry fair of the region!

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